A perfect golf swing depends on every inch of movement that you make. While proper coaching is a great source of feedback for improving your swing, you sometimes rely on instinct and pure luck to hit that winning shot!

And so, we thought, how can you better see your over-all performance, nitpick every move and play it again and again so you won’t miss the tiniest detail? The answer is really simple. Record your golf swing!

The problem is, there was no good solution for filming your golf swing. You either have to ask other players to record you while you take a swing or if you’re going solo, you have to bring bulky equipment that takes too long to assemble. You can use your mobile phone as well, but finding the right spot where you can place it and capture you in the frame can be a difficult task!

Struggle no longer.

We are golf enthusiasts who are always trying to find ways to improve our game. We believe you can’t do that without knowing your habits, your swing, and, ultimately, yourself.

Thus, SelfieGOLF was born with the mission to give you a window into you. So that golfers all around the world can reach their maximum potential.

SelfieGOLF Golf Swing Training Analyzer provides a steady and convenient golf swing recording system by letting you clip your mobile phone on your golf bag! You can capture stable footage, playback and review your swings as many times as you need until you see every detail you need to improve!

No more struggling with tripods and cameras or the need to ask other players in the course to record your swing!


The SelfieGOLF is ideal for any location and on any occasion. Pair with your favorite golf app, send it to your coach or post your progress on social.

Setting up the SelfieGOLF Mobile Phone Holder only takes 3 easy, breezy steps!

1. Attach the alignment/aim to stick to the clip holder

2. Fasten the bag clip to any golf bag and snap the alignment stick. (Any standing or tour bag will do)

3. Set your Apple or Android phone into the clip. (Any size!)

Don’t forget to open your video app! Now, you can improve your game one swing at a time!

For more information please contact:
+41 (0) 41 530 23 20

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