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  Make your own SPOTON version For more information about your options with SPOTON – please contact:


Sturdy and protective box for safekeeping of keys. Features: Up to 8,000 openings or 3-year standby time. For more information contact:    


NETKEY allows you to admin thousands of keys, to thousands of users and devices. It provides you with battery status logs, access logs, time limited access control, and much more. Security & Encryption BEKEY’s servers are all CLOUD-based. Communication is secured connections, on the same security level as internet-banking. Encryption between BEKEY’s servers and the…

BEKEY OrangeBox

BEKEY OrangeBox is an access control device destined for both corporate and private use. As a corporate client you will have complete control and overview over access management for your properties and business. Run your daily operations more efficiently by taking advantage of the following benefits: Manage access remotely from your desktop. Send digital keys…

BEKEY OrangeBox Bluetooth®

Integration to property, garage doors, power plants, intercoms, gate systems – you name it… The BEKEY OrangeBox offers total integration to existing Systems. Doors and gate systems are managed and opened through NETKEY and BEKEY App via Bluetooth® connection/connectivity.   See more on For more information contact:


AMBO GRAPHIC We have worked on project basis, and have been integrated into a larger team. We have also worked directly with editors of various publications. For many years we have been working with marketing plans for larger companies with lots of deadlines in Denmark. We are experienced in all print media formats: from simple…

BEKEY for more information In 2004 Bekey was founded to solve a problem that started with a simple question “All delivery personnel have cell phones, why can’t they just get in the buildings with those, instead of depending on a tenant buzzing them in?” From this question came Bekey’s first product – a Smart Lock…


SANITARY PUMPOUT SERVICE AMBOSEPTICVAC WITH FLUSH SYSTEM VAC SYSTEM FOR WASTEWATER STAINLESS STEEL – THERMO INSULATION If it’s easy to care for the environment – Many people will… Nobody is proud of contributing to environmental pollution. But when people still don’t behave as they ought to, it is probably because it is troublesome and inconvenient….